Here's why you shouldn't install the leaked version of Windows 11

Here's why you shouldn't install the leaked version of Windows 11

The current build of Windows 11 floating around online has problems

Windows 11 wallpaper superimposed with Windows 11 logo
(Image credit: ADeltaX/Microsoft)

As tempting as it may be to install the version of Windows 11 that's

 been leaked onto the internet, it's probably best to hold off for the

official reveal set for June 24. 

According to those that have taken the time to install the next
version of Windows, getting it running is a cumbersome process as
Microsoft has put systems in place to prevent a proper installation.
What this means is that users who do take the time to install the

leaked software on to a machine will have to jump through hoops only to run a neutered version of the operating system update. With the Windows 11 launch looming, it's probably not worth the trouble. 

The build that's currently floating around online is unfinished, which also means it could have bugs. These bugs could lead to system crashes and other problems. It's why many have opted to run Windows 11 in a virtual machine — essentially a PC within a PC. But running Windows 11 through a virtual machine greatly dampers its effectiveness, as software is being used to emulate hardware

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